Zanolli 4+4 12″ Inch Twin Deck Gas Pizza Oven

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The Zanolli 4+4 Twin Deck Gas Pizza Oven is a high performance pizza oven with refractory stone baking decks, each capable of cooking up to eight x 12 inch pizza’s in pans or eight x 13 inch pizzas without pans four per deck), making it a versatile addition to commercial or professional kitchens, restaurants and takeaways.

Heat is generated by stainless steel armoured burners delivering a maximum cooking temperature of 400°C. The ovens are lit internally by high resistance halogen lamps and feature large counter balanced doors. The pizza oven is built to a high standard with the doors and fascia in stainless steel.

Product Features

  • Fits 4 x 13 pizzas (4 x 12 in pans) on each deck
  • Twin decks make good use of space, taking up less room than a traditional single deck gas oven
  • The baking floor is made out of a refractory stone and is suitable for baking with or without pans
  • Temperature is controlled by a high quality thermostat with a range of 0-400°C and is displayed by a thermometer on the control panel
  • Built to a high standard the doors and fascia are made from stainless steel for long lasting good looks and the baking chamber is also made entirely from steel
  • High quality stainless steel burners ensure high performance and long life, as well as excellent economy
  • The Kebab King gas oven can run on natural or LPG gas
  • Removable feet mean a reduced height of 79cm to fit through a standard door during delivery
  • Dimensions 1130 x 1030 x 930h mm
  • Weight 186kg
  • 15.5 Kw
  • 53,000 BTU
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