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Drinks Fountain 1 x 7 Litres

The drinks fountain is a highlight of each and every breakfast buffet, whether it within hotels, hostels or restaurants.  Refreshing cold beverages such as juices, iced tea or soft drinks are provided to your guests in the appealing form of a drinks fountain.  An integrated drip tray keeps the direct environment of the drinks fountain clean and tidy. This also facilitates for quick and easy cleaning as the tray can be easily removed and emptied.  The large container of the drinks fountain provides a capacity of 7 litres; therefore you are able to provide your guests with approximately 35 filled glasses of refreshing juice.  Glasses of a max height of 14.5cm can be filled directly and easily at the practical tap.

To ensure a refreshing temperature of the beverages is equipped with a special stainless steel tube which can be attached or removed at will. This tube can hold up to 1 litre and can be, for example can be filled with ice cubes, therefore facilitates in keeping the drinks temperature optimally controlled. An addition accessory of the drinks fountain is the removable lid.

Except for the lever of the taps and the transparent wall of the drinks fountain is made entirely of corrosion resistant stainless steel- This material guarantees for a robust and easy to clean device and thanks to the anti-slip rubber feet, the drinks fountain can also stand safely upon most work surfaces.  The drinks fountain from Royal Catering is a valuable enrichment to any gastronomy operation.

  • Drinks fountain for hotels, restaurants and other such public facilities or events
  • Suitable for buffets, garden parties and other events
  • 1 juice container with 7 litres capacity
  • Including drip tray
  • Stainless steel pipe can be filled with ice cubes for cooling
  • 4 anti-slip rubber feet

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